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About Us


INTRINSIC ENGLISH specialises in business English and caters to its clients' specific language needs. We have one goal: to teach business English at an exceptional level to help professionals advance in their industry. You choose us because we can tailor a course around your needs and dreams. Our tutors are especially well informed about Japanese culture and social behaviour due to their extensive experience, making your lesson time-efficient and relevant.

You deserve to advance your business English skills the INTRINSIC ENGLISH way. This is the best way. We are your solution; we are the solution for optimists. 

Teaching Philosophy

Drive is the root of all teaching styles here at INTRINSIC ENGLISH. Add the fact that our teachers are qualified, experienced and passionate, and we have the recipe for success. INTRINSIC ENGLISH not only teaches business English, but we also offer tailored lesson content based on our clients' requirements.


Let’s look at your business English skills and career as if you were building a house. A solid foundation needs to be laid before any further development can take place. When our sturdy foundation is set, we move along building walls with effective insulation, followed by "making it our own". Last but not least, we begin the process of transforming our house into a home by filling it with love and magic. This process never truly ends. It’s a lifelong venture. This is how we treat your business English learning journey because we appreciate the desire to be successful. Here at INTRINSIC ENGLISH, we understand that learning is endless and thus accommodate this growth whilst striving to be the best for our students.

About Cammie

Having graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2015, where I majored in Business Management, I decided to obtain my second degree in 2021 at UNISA (University of South Africa) in Financial Management. I have a level 5, 240-hour TEFL certificate and over 5 years of invaluable teaching experience.

For almost three years now, I have been teaching Japanese students who have taught me a tremendous amount about the culture and social norms in Japan. This has led me to start learning Japanese in my free time as I have fallen in love with the culture and yearn to live in the majestic island country in the near future. 

A sincere zest for teaching and helping others pushes me forward in my career. I admire and appreciate my students' efforts and commitment to learning a new language, and I am excited to help you! Nothing should get in the way of us achieving our full potential, especially something as minor as a language barrier.



Business Management Graduate, L5 240-hour TEFL, Teaching for 4 Years

From Cammie

Dearest future, present and past students,


Thank you for your interest in INTRINSIC ENGLISH.


Let me begin by saying that I admire your tenacity towards learning a new language and seeking success. Intrinsic English is dedicated to understanding your goals and assisting you in achieving them through understanding, application, and a genuine love for growth.


I look forward to seeing you in class and helping you with your business English studies.




Want to teach with us?

Email us with your full cover letter, resume and copies of your qualifications, and we will come back to you to arrange a video interview. 

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