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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

All of our tutors are passionate about helping you build your English speaking and writing confidence and we're here to help! See some of our top tips below...

In advance of a call...

We recommend you commit to booking sessions in advance, maybe even at a consistent time each day. We have some students who only do one class a week, and some doing daily classes. This is up to you. INTRINSIC ENGLISH provides all materials for classes, with the exception of FREE CONVERSATION one-on-one calls, where we ask you to bring your own topic of conversation.

At the time of a call...

In advance of your first call, if you don't already have it on your computer, phone or tablet, please install Zoom and test your microphone, speakers and camera. Using the camera is great, because it helps a virtual class feel more personal, but if you don't want to you are welcome to switch your camera off. A good internet connection is necessary in order to conduct a video call and avoid experiencing issues. You are welcome to participate from any location you are comfortable in, however we suggest that you set yourself up somewhere quiet, preferably with a headset, and where you are able to concentrate on the class so that you gain the maximum value. Your tutor is here to help you with all aspects of your English so we encourage you to just do your best, make mistakes and be yourself. These are vital for improvement and progression in your English studies.

After a call...

At the end of a call your tutor may send you feedback via the Zoom chat window should there be appropriate documentation from that specific session. You are welcome to contact us on with any feedback, questions, compliments or complaints in advance of your next call.

We are THE SOLUTION FOR OPTIMISTS and look forward to helping you on your learning journey.

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